A young man named, Tim Wright

Hey there, I'm Tim. I'm the Development Director at a User Experience Design agency outside of Boston, called Fresh Tilled Soil. Sure, I'm a director, but don't worry I still code & design all the time (for work & fun); I also do some writing and speaking when I'm free.

You may have seen some of my writing on A List Apart, Smashing Magazine, SitePoint or even in my book: Learning JavaScript that came out in 2012. If so, awesome; If not, that's OK too.

In 2011, I spoke at Future of Web Design in New York about HTML5. That was an awesome experience and I'm looking forward to returning to the conference series at Future Insights Live in 2014 to speak about Environmental Design.

I also host a podcast called The Dirt and have a side project called Gearing the Market. GTM is an investment algorithm I made, totally free to use. Let me know what you think!

Anyway, have a look around here or shoot me an email to chat about a project.

– Tim